Tolerance Statue on Allen Parkway and Montrose

Every now and then when I need to take a little break from people and the world, I grab my camera bag and tripod and decide to go find a spot to photograph at night. Not really the safest thing in the world, but this area is not too bad as there are a lot of yuppie housings and I only got asked for money by one gentleman and his lady friend who supposedly were just out of jail. I digress.

Located on the corner of Allen Parkway and Montrose, these statues are lit up with LED lights inside of them which transform them into a surreal 3-D giant glowing set of kneeling men. I took a few available light shots and they looked OK, but if I’m going to have derivative art (ie. deriving my art from someone else’s sweat and tears), I might as well add my own angle to it and try to capture it so it has a little more punch. After making my rounds taking pictures of different groups, etc., I decided to make the sky turn blue.

The easiest way to do that when you have low light on your subject is to turn the white balance to tungsten. The camera then is expecting tungsten lighting (warm) so it braces itself for it by turning everything cool (cobalt blue). This worked out great because the fog that was mixed with the ugly yellow street lights all of a sudden turned netural or a cool neutral. Everything that was white (like the buildings at the distant, and the LED light in the sculpture) turned super blue, and because I put a double CTO GEL on my flash, The outside of the fixture turned slightly golden warm to give more texture and contrast.

I like the results…
Tolerance Statue on Allen Parkway


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