D800/D800E are here!

Nikon officially announced the very long awaited D800’s release. I have to say I was a bit disappointed that it was a 36 MP studio/landscape machine and not the high ISO monster the 16 MP D4 is. Still, with the same pixel density as the D7000 and more than double the surface, it should give a little more high ISO performance than the D7000 and roughly the same as the D700 does, but this clearly means that the camera is not meant to be a D700 replacement and targeted at a different market segment – namely those who need very high resolutions but don’t have $35,000 to spend on a Medium Format camera and it’s a big kick in Canon’s booboo because Canon started this whole Megapixel war and Nikon is going to finish it.

Listening in on different photography forums confirms that this really isn’t meant to replace the D700 which tells me that the last announcement to be made (possibly D400) might fill in the gap for those who want a clear D700 replacement – ie. full frame higher ISO machine. All rumors and wishful thinking but with Nikon’s newest lineup of having 2 entry/mid level cameras – D3100 and D5100, a solid mid-range like the D7000, Pro D800 and D4 lineups, all that’s missing is a high powered semi-pro machine.

One thing is for sure, the $6000, 24 MP D3X is obsolete. Who’d pay that much for a 24 MP camera if they just want MP’s? I won’t get one but the D800 definitely has a market – another thing the video and other features are very very good.


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