Nikon nerds, brace yourselves

According to Nikon is now listing the D700 and D300s as discontinued models. This is very encouraging  news to anybody who has been waiting for a replacement to Nikon’s Semi-pro lineups likely to be the D800 and D400 respectively.

Personally, I am not very interested in the D400 and I imagine it to be something like what that the D7000 is- perhaps more rugged with more pro features.   All indications are that it would remain a DX camera.  The camera that I along with others with FX dreams have been waiting for is the D800. All my lenses are now FX (full frame) so I am ready to jump ship.

Nobody really knows what the spec of the D800 will be at this point, but the rumors are flying especially given the release of the ultimate pro camera- the D4 earlier in the year.   With the D3 and D700, both cameras had the same full frame sensor and for many who wanted low light pictures, the D700 would let them save $3000 and go with the lower end one while other pros got the D3 for more frames/sec, bigger body, etc.

The hope among many including myself is that this would also be the case with the D800 and it will share the same monster sensor as the D4.  This would immediately drop the price on the used D700’s which is good for those who have been waiting and give an affordable way for others to get the latest sensor; however, it will probably also eat into the sales of the D4 leading to another possibility that Nikon may put in a completely different sensor in the D800 and essentially tell photographers “Hey, if you want the best sensor, you gotta get the best camera we have.”.

Personally, even if the D700 had the D3s’ 16 MP full frame sensor, I think it would be worth it as it has one stop better performance, but some rumors are that it would be a 36MP studio camera and that would cause only a few people who have been wanting to get a D3x (24 MP) happy and the rest of us who want higher ISO performance to get out the torches and pitch forks and flood the photography forums.

On another note, I am completely rethinking the new photo-editing workstation specs.   The more I read, the more I am finding out that the new Intel HD 3000 GPU’s (which are built into Sandy Bridge i7 2600k processors) are very respectable and I may not need a discrete graphics card as I have done in the past – especially if I don’t plan on playing much if any games.  That would easily save $400 for me.

Furthermore, Intel will release Ivy Bridge in April (according to rumors I’ve read on google) which will have HD 4000 GPU’s built in and those are about 60% faster than the 3000’s and don’t run as hot.  I think I can hold out a few more months and if need be, use my laptop’s 1st gen i7 processor for extra power.


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