Suddenly, breakdancing!

I am no spring chicken (inside joke) so I don’t keep up with all the latest warehouse parties and such anymore; however, my newest favorite friend who is into the art scene does keep up with these sorts of things and thanks to her, I suddenly found myself in the middle of a breakdancing competition! I don’t see too much breakdancing anymore unless I go to a Rockets game where they have people who perform for the crowd during the TV breaks and at the season-ticket holder parties. Speaking of which, I am pretty sure I’ve seen a couple of these guys at those events.

Anyway, the lighting was pretty bad as can be expected but I could’ve used better techniques if I could have a do over. The problem was that it was dark but there was a spotlight on the dancers. The spotlight was not bright enough to let me use a high shutter speed to freeze the motion – realistically I would need at least 1/500 or 1/1000 of a second shutter speed to do that which really can be achieved during the daytime and/or using a ridiculously high ISO. The only other alternative I would have would be to completely overpowered the spotlight and use my flash to freeze the motion.

The flash duration is very quick and much quicker than any shutter speed I could come up with in this sort of lighting. I probably could have overpowered the spotlight, but then I would have to use a very bright flash and then lose all the ambient light. Instead, I try to just compliment the existing light and make it look as if I wasn’t using flash. I think I did this sort of half assed job of that and take the shutter speed that was too low given that I was using my 50mm 1.4 lens, I had much more wiggle room and probably could’ve use a shutter speed up to 1/200 which would have still give me some ambient light but a much cleaner picture with less ghosting.

I was just there to see what was going on and I wasn’t getting paid for this so all of this criticism is academic and for future reference. I do like the pictures, but a good photographer (really it doesn’t matter if it’s photography, other profession, or even one’s personal life) tries to learn from mistakes even when the results are good. I had some wider angle pictures as well, but I really don’t like to put random strangers faces on the Internet for all to see if they weren’t expecting it.






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