Nothing to see here!

I actually had a couple of nice shoots this past weekend – one a portrait session of sorts and the other a corporate event but since they were both private, I won’t post any of them on here.

I will however say that I am very impressed by my new 50mm f/1.4. I was worried that 1.4 is too hard to focus but I must have a very good copy of the lens because I have not noticed any front or back focusing on it and I’ve been as little as 2 feet away from my subject with it. I also love how unassuming it is because I didn’t want to cause a scene with it given that I was at a certain mall in the Galleria area (I won’t name which mall in the “Galleria” area), and later outside, and it didn’t miss a beat.

I’m not one of those people who gets any extra satisfaction out of picking an arbitrary focal length and just using that but I do love challenge of just using one lens and available light. The result is pretty unique, soft, and natural. I usually have someone holding a reflector, strobe, or flash for me as fill or to balance out the sun, but sometimes all you need is a camera and nothing else…especially in winter when the sun isn’t as strong. Of course, if I had strobes, I wouldn’t be able to shoot at f/1.4 either…I’d have to get an ND filter or two and really really power up the strobe but not sure if my 600 watt/sec Alien Bees can handle that.

The corporate event was fun too – reminded me of the lighting you’d see at a wedding minus the bridezilla. I wanted usable pictures so I figured ISO 800, f/2.8 (or f/1.4 depending on my lens), and bounce flash would work fine to add a little extra boost while still keeping the ambiance there. My standard zoom which is f/3.5-4.5 was not very good…unless I had a D3 or above.

Next shoot (whatever that is) will have some public pictures.


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