Possible Nikon D4 annoucement on the horizon?

As mentioned on http://nikonrumors.com/2012/01/04/nikon-d4-6000-nikkor-af-s-85mm-f1-8g-500.aspx , there might be an announcement for Nikon’s flagship professional D4 camera at a rumored price of $6000. This would of course replace Nikon’s current high-end the D3s.

Even though I don’t plan on spending $6000 on a camera that’s mostly used as a hobby, this is good news if true because it will drive down the prices of the current full frame lineup would need that perhaps sometime in the near future I will be switching from the DX format to FX. All my lenses are already full frame lenses so it would be nice to get the full benefit out of them and have access to a bigger viewfinder and a shallower depth of field.

The scenario that most advanced hobbyists and lower end professionals would most like to see how ever is the replacement for the D700 which is yet to be announced. Hopefully, that lineup of FX cameras will focus on providing clean high iso pictures rather than focusing on more megapixels. Full frame is where it’s at.

Sorry, no new pictures but here is one from Hakeem Olajuwon’s monument in front of the Toyota Center in 2008. This was taken by my Nikon D40.

Hakeem the Dream


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