Have to say I’m impressed by the bokehliciousness of the 50mm f/1.4d. Standing less than 2 feet away creates a razor thin depth of field. Even on this tiny toy, you can see the difference in focus on the eyes and the hands. It's a Mario

Next up, the “Brenizer Method”. What is that?? Well, the idea is to create this effect on large items like full size portraits or anything really. The problem is that in order to do that at the same perspective, I’d have to use my ultra wide angle lens but then because of the lower focal length/higher, f/stop, smaller sensor, etc., you can’t get the same out of focus background. The solution that has become famous thanks to Brian Brenizer, famous NY wedding photographer and a legend on flickr, is to virtually increase the size of your camera’s sensor by taking multiple shots at the widest aperture, and stitching them together while keeping the aperture and focus constant. This will give the same results as a large frame camera would have…

We’ll see whether it worked or not. It does require talent after all.


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