Biking adventure

Yesterday was the Conference USA championship game at Robertson Stadium in the University of Houston. Since it was a sold out show, I assumed that there would be plenty of sites and sceneries in the parking lot before the game and want to go check it out. The problem is I am no longer a student and don’t have a parking pass and in a sold-out game I wasn’t going to find anything close anyway so instead I decided to pack up my bike and attach the grocery bag sidesaddle and parked near the Houston zoo and ride my bike over there. Saturdays are usually my cardio day anyway so this would work out. I got there shortly before the game was about to start so by then most of the people were starting to make their way onto the game and I was going to watch the game at a tailgate so there weren’t that many pictures.

This one however is the favorite picture from the day. As you can see the stadium is very old and not in the greatest of shapes so hopefully will get a new stadium one of these years and moved to a better conference. Incidentally, we ended up losing the game.

Robertson Stadium

On the way back to my car, I decided to stop by at a Houston Garden Centers and to my surprise there were still many flowers in full bloom even though it’s December. I complain about the heat and humidity Houston quite often – hell it was 75° yesterday after all, but one benefit of that is that flowers and trees tend to stay green even in the dead of winter.

I took this picture with my 85mm f/1.8D lens. Even though this looks like a macro picture, I must confess that I had to crop it a little bit because 85 mm lens doesn’t let me get close enough to focus and for that I would need a dedicated macro lens which I don’t have. It is however a very handy should short telephoto lens to carry.
Rose from Houston Garden Centers


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