Hey there Dusty

when ever I have sold a lens on eBay, my description has been very conservative so that the person getting the lens would not feel cheated; however, not everybody returns the favor. When I sold my beloved Sigma 18-50 f/2.8, there were two very tiny translucent pieces of dust under the front element and I made sure to let the person bidding on the lens was aware of that and just to make sure I said that “there was some dust inside the lens”. Something that small of course has no effect on the image and even brand new lenses can have dust inside and that is acceptable.

That is why when I bid on my 24-85mm lens and the red that there was some dust in the element which doesn’t affect image quality I didn’t think it was a big deal. After receiving the lens, I saw that the outside of the lens was in almost new shape so I was happy and gave that user that positive feedback. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection when I was wiping down the lens, I saw that there was a lot of dust inside to the point where it could possibly affect the image. Dust in the front element isn’t going to come off as dust because of the way the light passes through it, but when there’s that much dust it could possibly cause flaring or loss of contrast so I was a little bit disappointed.

After a few test shots (which I probably should’ve saved to put on here), I didn’t see anything wrong with the image, but knowing my personality, this is going to bother me – I Already tried blowing compressed air out of a can and vacuuming carefully, but I think sometime this weekend I will take the lens to the local camera shop to see how much they charge to professionally remove the front element on the lens and clean the inside. my other telephoto lens also has two specks of dust near the Mount area and I remember asking Nikon how much it would be to remove that and was told it was Under $100 so I am hoping a local place might be cheaper and I might just take care of both lenses. I think I should try the cheap lens first before trying the significantly more expensive telephoto lens.

Still, even if the cleaning ends up costing me $50, I still got a good price on the lens so’s not a big deal but more of an annoyance at The lack of honesty in online descriptions.*cough* not unlike online dating. That is one benefit for craigslist since you can look at at the lens in person, but I’m not too comfortable meeting a complete stranger and exchanging cash so I try to avoid that when I can.


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