Totally worth it

It was hot and muggy and my shoulders were sore from carrying my gear (although I really was traveling somewhat light compared to my fellow photographers), but it was nice to be reminded how much fun fashion/glamor shoots are. Last year I did so much that I kind of got sick of it, but I think this was the first shoot of the year this year. What made this one different for me was that it combined 3 types of photography that I love the most: Night shooting, off camera lighting, and portraiture. Each has its own challenges.

I do love all photography as you know whether it’s cityscape, a museum, or any event, but what makes shooting people fun is the interaction. I guess in a hippie sort of way, there is interaction in one’s mind when shooting a landscape too, but this is better.

Anyway, I have edited a total of 2 pictures so far but this one caught my eye the most since it was more or less a candid moment. I should mention that the location was selected by fellow photographers I was with and the posing was their idea…With the rest, we were on our own. The model, Leslie was a great sport for going in the water and very easy to work with.
Technical stuff, mini-softbox camera right with SB-600 triggered with CLS. At first I was using the on camera flash for it, but it had some trouble reaching it as there were other lights blocking the way. Eventually I decided to use the SB-800 as a master and point it at the softbox and that did the trick. The camera was on a tripod to allow me to shoot 1/15th of a second. ISO was 400 so I could keep the same shutter speed and raise the ambient light up more and use less power on the flash. I used the trusty 85mm f/1.8 at 1.8 and that helped both with using less flash AND blurred the background. I think I’ll hold on to this lens a while longer 🙂 I really do need a mid-range zoom though as I was getting killed. Perhaps 35-70mm f/2.8 AF-D….


Edited: Here are a couple more pictures:

Downtown Shoot

Downtown Shoot


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