4th of July

One 4th of July a few years ago, I scouted for the best possible spot to photograph the fireworks on Allen Parkway. I had to park several blocks away and lugged around my camera, 2 lenses, and my heavy-ass tripod/head and managed to make it with 2 minutes to spare. Last night was not that night. I had a nice long weekend and wasn’t sure if I wanted to fight traffic so at the last minute decided to head to mid-town to meet up with my buddy who told me that the view should be good. I didn’t even bother taking my tripod.

I’m assuming in years’ past the view was probably good; however, Midtown has had a lot of construction so a view that was good a few years ago may not be there anymore. Case in point, I present you with my best picture of the night:

Fireworks Photography Fail

Pretty bad…

I kind of like the picture I took before the fireworks started from the other end of my secret location better…looks dead on this night but this was a very very popular area for night life…still is but it’s more residential now than before:

Mid-Town Houston


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