Flickr alternative

Flickr and I have had our differences in the last year. I was not happy that they rolled out a new look only to ignore some major things that are wrong with the service – namely there is no real option to have a gallery/portfolio, linking url’s, easy upload/download feature, and overall the site looks like someone spit up a bunch of pictures without a logical way to organize. Also, the employees of the sites were really smug jerks but then they are based in SF.

Still, I love the community on flickr and their groups are very helpful and there is no real alternative so I decided to just stay for the groups. I also link my pictures on here to the free account there so in a way it’s a big F U to them.

This is working for now but I found out about a new site called I’m skeptical of these alternatives but they seem to be doing a lot of things right so I’ll give them a shot and see. This is there.


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