Sunshine, Supermoon and Art Bikes

I still haven’t done what I consider to be a “real” shoot in a while, but is cheesy as it sounds, inspiration is all around us. I was feeling guilty for not having that many pictures of my favorite niece so decided to take a bunch of her and she is a natural! I’m very protective of my nephews and niece so I don’t want their pictures to be floating around on the internet but here is one that lets her personality shine through. Pun intended. This one is natural light with the 50mm 1.8 lens.
Here comes the sun

Of course there was the supermoon this weekend too but that was a big fail since it was cloudy and I couldn’t take any pictures of the moon next to a building. I managed to get this one at 1:30 am on my way home from the night’s fun. Handheld at 300mm (70-300mm VR lens). The moon is very bright actually. you don’t need a very high ISO even handheld.
Super Full Moon

While at Discovery Green park, I saw this art bike and it spoke to me. Unfortunately it was the early afternoon with the harsh sun behind the work, so I did my best to light up the bike with my SB-600 flash…not enough but better than nothing. I also had to crop it in post because there were people standing around. Vertical 5×7 looks more dramatic anyway.
Art Bike

There was a Persian new year celebration going on there too so I will post them in the coming days. Lots of fun…Concert pictures too!


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