Austin without its makeup on

I had so much fun the first time I visited Austin see here,that I decided to visit there and meet up with the photographer friend of mine who was gracious enough to show me around a little bit. As we’re both busy, getting the timing right wasn’t easy and unfortunately the day that was selected was just an absolute miserable rainy day.

I almost didn’t go, but in the morning in Houston at least it was sunny and I just felt that maybe the worst was over with the rain. This was not the case!

As I arrived in Austin, I noticed on the side of the road that there was some kind of hawk perched high above the wires and figured I would at least try get one shot while I was here:
Pissed off looking hawk

That just did not look like a happy bird. While I was waiting to meet up with my friend, at her suggestion I checked out the South Congress area and even though it was just raining ( I can’t emphasize enough how much it was raining), it was still a pretty! Here are a few pics that just shot out of my car:
Rainy day in Austin

Rainy day in Austin

Rainy day in Austin

north view:
Rainy day in Austin

What can I say? This is just a gem of a city. I used to wonder what all the fuss was regarding Austin, but I am just starting to see it now. This time around I actually visited a few places – Café, burger joint, met people, etc. so even though my pictures stunk, and it was raining it was a very fun little trip.

Of course,I couldn’t leave the city without at least taking one good picture so as the night was wrapping up for me and it was still raining my friend and I stopped by the capital building’s lawn and took this picture:

Texas Capital building


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