A Day in Austin

It’s hard to believe I’ve lived in Houston for as long as I have without visiting Austin.  This past Saturday Nov 6th, I said enough is enough and decided to visit.  My day started with a hike to the state capital.  From there I heard some music coming from a distance and remembered someone telling me about the Fun Fun Fun Fest so I followed the sound until I found it.   The crowd was alternative – the sort of alternative that most people stereotypically associate with Austin.   Given that my usual hangouts in Houston tend to be a little left of center this was nothing strange to me.

The first site I visited was the Texas Capital building which on a day like that day was just beautiful. I wish the scaffolding wasn’t there and i could make a post card out of these pictures but what can you do?

From there I walked to the UT campus and was quite jealous at how much more money that school gets than my alma mater, but it also occurred to me how much UT means to the State and the city of Austin. The campus it self is quite beautiful and all kidding aside I would have loved to have gone there had I had the chance.

From there I took a walk down to 6th street (sorry too lazy to post the picture) and was ready to head back to Houston when I discovered Lady Bird Lake located just south of downtown Austin. I am not exaggerating how clear and beautiful this day was and I couldn’t call my self any type of photographer if I would not at least try to capture that and share it. Unfortunately, the parking in Austin was just horrid. Of course it would be expected to be busy Saturday evening with perfect weather but as I later learned, there was also a food festival called the Gypsy Picnic.

After about a Half hour I found some parking and while waiting at the light asked a couple of nice girls what the fuss was about over the bridge and they told me about how all of the best food stands are in one place. Of course if I had any sense at all, I would have hung around them more *dough!* BUT the sun was going down very fast and I already missed the golden hour. i did manage to get a few decent shots.

While there, I enjoyed listening to the musical styling of Junior Brown and his band. Perfectly fitting for the atmosphere.

I think this is the view that’s going to stick with me the most from the trip. I didn’t have my tripod with me so this was just a handheld shot at ISO 3200 so it’s grainy, but this was the perfect setting for me. There is a modern skyline in the background overlooking the lake and on the other side of the lake is a stage, food, and people. On top of everything, perfect weather for being outside.

Finally, I got this shot while walking back over the bridge to my car. Definitely a nice introduction to Austin. I will need to come there more!

To see more pictures, here is the set on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coogie/sets/72157625332126954/with/5154354537/ . Not sure if I’ll renew my flickr account so if you don’t see this set, that’s probably what happened 🙂


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